Monday, 31 July 2017

The American Quintet 1: Pitch Bright

AUTHOR'S NOTE: Some time ago I was in the USA for a five days, and took the opportunity to write one poem for every day I was there, each one concerning the most vivid memory I had of that particular day. I hope you enjoy, as always.

In dark of dust murmurs fling through,
the sky wringing sighs of anxious gloom.
Voices excited and light, an audience's might,
not quite Stygian in the virgin twilight.
And then the black broke,
not with shout, not corak,
but rather upon the wings of tunes;
a simple, slow, yet melodious croon.
And the gloom alights with mirth,
audience jazzing, soul rebirth.
And a sonar sun lifts the veil of night
until that shadowy room feels... pitch bright.

(credit to the Apollo Theatre's Amateur Night)

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