Thursday, 8 June 2017

Review of "History... In Action!"

Hello all,
And now it is that rather special time of year when I review a video. Nevermind that I have never done this before, will not do this again, and indeed would not be doing this now were it not for the fact that I have undertaken a rather grueling school assignment which is forcing me to create a review for said movie, which I'm sure will be uploaded to a blog like this one quite shortly. Exactly like this one, in fact. Eerily like this one... Spooky.
Now, I'm here today to review the short film History... In Action!, a rather exciting little skit about all the amazing new shows on the world's most accurate, well-researched, and useful television channel... the History Channel.
Speaking with illustrious diction written primarily by yours truly, the various expert actors sing their fair tunes up to the heavens, weaving an often illusory web that sometimes seems almost to defy laughter, it is so complex. Or, perchance, defies this laughter because of its often intransigent sense of what should be funny, and what should be best left beneath the dark, dank depths of the megalodon-haunted stormy seas.
The dialogue is frequently scratchy, like some fell, clawed beast trying to drag its way out of the pit and into absurdity, though this aim is frequently denied by random shift changes and poor special effects.
The latter of these two admittedly somewhat floccnaucinihilipificates the entirety of the skit, miring it in a sticky swamp of languorous words that trail limply through the video like rowboats.
Insofar as I am concerned, however, it was writ of wry wit, and its dry humour crackles softly in the paper of its plot. Therefore it must, by all needs be, be given a solid i/4, which all things considered is a fairly good score for a movie of its lacklustre caliber.

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