Tuesday, 2 May 2017


Curiosity killed the cat,
Curiosity made it silent,
Curiosity made it fade to black,
A shrieking shadow, loud and strident.

But curiosity overcame,
Brought back in a light of flash,
A sudden, unliving flame;
A ghoul, a wight, a ghast.

For curiosity cannot be slain,
Nor art’s breath overlain
By the steadiness of the ignorant’s bliss.
With solely but one sweet kiss
These fools to near death bring
Literature, that beauteous thing.

And with its final exhale
Glittery forms and jittery figures rise
And fight back with fang and nail
And animae clash before awed eyes.

Curiosity may kill the cat
But ideas will always persist;
Mighty spirits floating through the air
Guarding beauteous realms of mist.

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