Tuesday, 12 August 2014

A nonsensical poem... The Lizard and the Poppycock

The Lizard and the Poppycock
were sauntering through the wood,
when they saw upon a rock
a sight that chilled them for good.

For the Jargon stood there
awash in flagitious light
and his visage raised every hair,
for he was not a pretty sight.

"What beast is this?..."
began the lizard, terror on his face,
but the answer was a miss
as the beast began the chase.

He chased them over hill,
he chased them across brook,
whargling all the while until
the saunterers hid inside a nook.

And as in silent thought they stood
praying side-by-side,
the evil Jargon they thought would
ignore their little hide.

The bleak Jargon came whargling past
eyes alight in flame,
but their hiding spot didn't last,
and he swiftly ended the game.

The Lizard and the Poppycock
ne'er again sauntered through the wood.
For what they saw upon that rock
ended them for good.